Editorial Calendar

Mother Jones produces revelatory journalism that, in its power and reach, seeks to inform and inspire a more just and democratic world.

Editorial Background

Mother Jones is the nation’s foremost investigative magazine examining current environmental, social, political, and cultural issues. Consequently, it is impossible to predict stories a year in advance. Mother Jones does not publish an official editorial calendar, however, as an alternative we provide these editorial highlights as a guide. The editorial line-up for each issue is published via email approximately two weeks prior to the advertising space reservation deadline for each issue. All stories below are subject to change; our priority is timeliness.

2011 Editorial Highlights

January/February 2011
Editorial: Women and Human Rights
Reservation: 10/18/2010
Material: 10/22/2010
On Sale: 12/28/2010
March/April 2011
Editorial: Environment and Wildlife

Reservation: 12/21/2010

Material: 1/4/2011
On Sale: 3/1/2011
May/June 2011
Editorial: Work
Reservation: 2/21/2011
Material: 2/25/2011
On Sale: 4/26/2011
July/August 2011
Editorial: Criminal Justice
Reservation: 4/25/2011
Material: 4/29/2011
On Sale: 6/28/2011
September/October 2011
Editorial: Money and Politics
Reservation: 6/27/2011
Material: 7/1/2011
On Sale: 8/30/2011
November/December 2011
Editorial: Corporate Responsibility
Reservation: 8/22/2011
Material: 8/26/2011
On Sale: 10/25/2011

Regular Columns


Econundrums is a regular column that helps consumers turn good intentions into realistic action. At a time when some see "conscious capitalism" as an increasingly powerful force for good, how do consumers navigate their way through the many decisions that are now presented as moral choices? Do the choices they make out of idealism actually do any good? Econundrums column guides readers through the moral minefield of trying to do the right thing in a complex marketplace. 

Ongoing Editorial Coverage

Lifestyle & Arts

In every issue, Mixed Media features current book, music, and film reviews. From folk to fiction to photography, Mixed Media keeps our readers tuned in to the newest releases. "The Mother Jones Interview" profiles the most prominent and influential authors, musicians, film makers, comedians, and personalities whose opinions and perspectives define our world today. The May/June issue will feature expanded book coverage and the November/December issue will have extended coverage on music.