Charges Likely for Madoff Men

— Flickr/Shiny Things (Creative Commons)

Accountant David Friehling was among the first of Bernie Madoff’s accomplices to face charges after Bernie confessed to a multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme more than a year ago, but Madoff’s brother Peter and sons Mark and Andrew may be next. The Wall Street Journal reports that federal prosecutors in Manhattan are pursing criminal tax-fraud cases against Peter, Mark, and Andrew Madoff with Friehling’s assistance. Friehling prepared false tax returns and signed off on phony audits for Bernard L. Madoff Investment LLC, but he also prepared taxes for these three Madoff men. To read more about Madoff relatives and associates who have thus far escaped prosecution, check out Erin Arvedlund’s “Meet the Madoff Minions” from Mother Jones’ January/February 2010 issue.