Twitter Mini-Storms

I have a Twitter feed that I update very rarely (though MoJo makes it look a little more active than it is by automatically creating a new tweet every time I publish a blog post).  Normally, I get maybe one or two new followers per day, but every once in a while I get a mini-storm of new follow requests.  This weekend, for example, I suddenly got several dozen for no apparent reason.  Why does this happen?

POSTSCRIPT: OK, I have it.  After several minutes of arduous research, it seems that at 6:16 pm on Saturday Matt Yglesias tweeted about my Matt Taibbi post.  At 6:17 pm I got a follow request, and over the next five hours I got 32 more.  So apparently Matt is the instigator here.

Anyway, my Twitter feed is at for anyone interested in following it.  But bewarned: I still don’t post much on it.