Friday Catblogging – 16 July 2010

Inkblot and Domino are on vacation this week. (Not that you can really tell the difference, mind you.) So today we have a guest cat. This is Ditto, one of my mother’s four critters, lounging in the bay window above her computer. I took the picture while I was over there doing an inventory of her IT needs prior to replacing her old PC with a shiny new one. Conclusion: moving all her stuff to a new machine shouldn’t be too hard.

Yes, yes, famous last words. We’ll see. In the meantime, wouldn’t you like to take an online survey? Sure you would! We’re running a reader survey here, and although it’s got a bunch of annoying demographic questions, they’re easy to answer and the whole thing doesn’t take more then ten minutes. For your trouble, we’ll send you a free reusable Chico grocery bag and enter you in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to Patagonia. Thanks!