Comics Bleg

UPDATE: Thanks, everyone. I’ve found good homes for everything now. All help was much appreciated.

I feel a little guilty using the blog for purely personal business, but….what the hell. It’s a long holiday weekend. Why not?

Here’s the deal. I’ve got about two thousand old comic books that I need to dispose of. I’m reliably told that they’re basically of no value. I checked with my local comics shop, and they didn’t want them even for free. The local boys club wasn’t interested. Our local library sells used books but didn’t want seven boxes of comics. What to do?

I kinda hate to just toss them out. Surely someone must have an interest? But I don’t know who. Thus this blog post. These are all 80s-90s DC books, mostly Superman, Batman, Justice League, that kind of stuff. All unbagged but in good shape. They aren’t worth shipping anywhere, but if anyone in the Southern California area wants them and is willing to drop by my house and haul them off, you’re welcome to them. Alternatively, if you know of a worthy cause who might want them, let me know. It just has to be local to Orange County. Email me at if you’re interested.