Friday Cat Blogging – 19 August 2011

I have some worrying news to report. Based on the picture on the left—and believe me, this is just one of many—Inkblot’s senior campaign staff is beginning to wonder if we have a Newt Gingrich problem on our hands. Inkblot insists that he’s “developing new approaches and new ideas” that are “fundamentally different from anything you’ve seen,” but it looks an awful lot like plain old snoozing to us. What’s more, his repeated insistence that he’s just “resting up for the campaign” is starting to wear thin. And needless to say, his sister isn’t helping things any. There’s just a serious lack of energy that’s pervading campaign headquarters these days. Clearly, something needs to change.

In related news, Inkblot is also suffering from a lack of national exposure. I wonder if I could fix this by learning how to take “magazine cover” pictures of his majesty presidency? Seems like a bargain for only 25 cents, especially considering its promise to teach me “cat psychology.” This could be just the ticket!