Friday Cat Blogging – 10 February 2012

Today, both cats grace the same frame, one looking in and the other looking out. In this photo, the cats are a metaphor for Man’s ineluctable failure to appreciate his place in the world. One’s nature wants to be in, the other’s nature wants to be out. In five minutes, their roles will reverse, world without end. As always, the ISO 9000-approved windowpane prevents true understanding. It is the human tragedy given feline expression.

Alternatively, the cats just want me to open the door, and this picture is merely a representation of the fact that cats don’t have opposable thumbs. For which we can all be thankful.

In other cat news, your cat may be turning you into an introvert. Or an extrovert. It depends. Details here.

And with that, I can get back to obsessing over hotel accommodations in Rome later this year. My needs are modest. I’m looking for a place with big, lovely rooms; modern, well-equipped bathrooms; situated in a quiet neighborhood in the center of town; providing all modern amenities; with a friendly and helpful staff; and all for a low price. Oddly enough, I’m having trouble meeting all these modest requirements. What’s going on?