I Am Now Somewhat Chagrined By the Use of “Somewhat Of”

A couple of days ago, after seeing it in an LA Times story, I wrote that the use of the phrase “somewhat of” was Just. Plain. Wrong. The head of the Times copy desks saw my post and tweeted, “I share your preference, old friend, but I have four dictionaries that accept ‘somewhat of.’ No error and not lash-worthy, I say.”

Oh yeah? What dictionaries are those? Webster’s New World Dictionary, he says. Um, really? That’s sort of embarrassing since it’s the dictionary I normally use too. In fact, my copy is about two feet from my left hand. And sure enough, there it is: “often followed by of.”

Later he added, “When given two valid options, I counsel going with the writer’s choice.” As a writer, I heartily endorse this attitude from copy editors, and obviously there are indeed two valid options here. I’m going to stick with “something of” myself, but no more lashes for anyone who disagrees.