Ten Fun Facts About the Values Voter Summit

Tod Kelly on his visit to this week’s Values Voter Summit: “Surprisingly nutty, even with expectations going in.” And he’s got a few clips to prove it:

1. By the tally I kept, the number of times I heard Main Floor Speakers not named Paul Ryan mention Barack Obama: 157. Number of times I heard Main Floor Speakers not named Paul Ryan mention Mitt Romney: 5.

2. Most of the votes for Democrats in Presidential elections come either from people on welfare, or people committing voter fraud. (Gary Bauer, American Values President)

3. The Obama administration has begun secretly plotting with the Organization for Islamic Cooperation. They have begun to “brainwash” FBI and other security agents to be receptive to the messages of Islam, so that Sharia law speech laws can be enforced unchallenged after Obama’s reelection. (Michele Bachmann, US Rep-MN)

….5. Planned Parenthood is an organization created for the purpose of killing off the white race. (Rep. Tim Huelskamp, US Rep-KS)

….7. The Obama administration is planning to make illegal all churches and synagogues, and put in jail any Americans that attend them. This will happen this January, “March at the latest.”  (Kamal Saleem, Debunked Ex-Terrorist Impersonator)

There’s more at the link, including the VVS crowd’s surprising reaction to Ronald Reagan. Tod promises more VVS-related detail in future posts.