Friday Cat Blogging – 12 October 2012

My attempt to create a whole new genre of post-cubist catblogging last week didn’t meet with the rapturous critical reception I had hoped for, so this week we’ll try a more traditional action shot. In this one, Domino looks a bit like she’s up in the space station rolling around in weightlessness, but in reality she’s here in the living room chasing a piece of string — widely accepted by scholars as the best cat toy ever invented. I’m not sure who invented string, but cats everywhere probably celebrate its anniversary every year.

In other news, temps here in Southern California have recently plummeted into the low 70s, which means that Domino is suddenly becoming a lap cat once again. We didn’t get much of that during the 90-degree summer we just went through, but with winter approaching we human beings are once again fulfilling our sacred duties as feline hot rocks.