Quote of the Day: The Scene That is Davos

From Felix Salmon on the Google party, formerly the biggest annual shindig at the Davos conference:

Every year, the scene is the same: late at night, when all the dinners are over, the world’s plutocrats converge into a narrow hallway, at the end of which are ID scanners telling bouncers whether you’re On The List or not. If you manage to get past them, you find yourself in an insanely hot and loud party, with lots of drinks, a little food, and seemingly infinite numbers of drunk men in dark suits. It’s essentially unbearable for more than a couple of minutes, and there’s absolutely nothing pleasurable about it.

I think he’s just jealous. But do read the whole thing, which explains some of the sociology of Davos, and how Google has moved up the food chain. Today, instead of hosting the gigantic “must attend” party of the insecure upstart, they host the intimate “only a select few can attend” gourmet dinner of the confident global titan. I’m sure that no evil is ever conducted at these dinners.