The Friday Cat Blogging Origin Story—Part 2

The origin story of Friday Cat Blogging is a three-part epic. Four days ago was the 10th anniversary of Part 1: the day I first posted a picture of one of my cats. Today is the 10th anniversary of Part 2: the day I first posted pictures of both of my cats and promised to do more of this in the future. “Thanks to the miracle of digital photography,” I explained, “I can take literally endless pictures of my cats and it costs me absolutely nothing. You, of course, are the beneficiaries of this technological wizardry.”

And it’s true: you have been the beneficiaries of endless cat blogging ever since. Still, this isn’t yet Friday Cat Blogging, merely a promise to post more pictures of cats. The 10th anniversary of that fateful decision comes on Thursday. You are all atingle over this, aren’t you?

NOTE: Yes, the 10th anniversary of Friday Cat Blogging comes on a Thursday. It’s annoying. But what can you do?