Some Miscellaneous Monday Morning Poll Results

Democracy Corps has some new polling figures out, and for the most part they don’t really tell us anything very new. But polls are always fun, and a few of their results are either informative or entertaining or both. This one, for example, reinforces a point I made the other day: for all our talk about how Republicans are doomed because their base has driven them straight into Crazytown, the numbers just don’t show it—at least, not yet. Democrats and Republicans are just as partisan as ever, and independents remain evenly split:

This next one surprised me: 60 percent of the country claims to be personally worried about the effect of the sequester cuts. I wish there were more detail about this. I’d like to know more about exactly what it is that most people are worried about.

And finally, Democracy Corps pollsters asked people to name their two most important political concerns. Answer: (a) protect entitlements, and (b) cut the deficit. Welcome to America.