The Antichrist Is Always With Us

Ed Kilgore comments on the news that 13 percent of voters think Barack Obama is the antichrist:

Extrapolated to the national electorate, it suggests that over 13 million Americans believe the President of the United States is a demonic supernatural being sent into the world to set up an infernal kingdom until it’s all washed away by the End of Days.

This reminds me of something that I sort of accidentally got involved in a couple of decades ago. I’ll skip the details, but I ended up learning that among at least a subset of evangelical Christians, there’s always an antichrist. For a while it was Muammar Qaddafi. Then it was Saddam Hussein. I assume Osama bin Laden took on the role after 9/11. So the fact that some of them now pin that tag on Obama isn’t super surprising. The antichrist is out there somewhere, and with the usual suspects now mostly dead, why not Obama?