Fake Facts Update: George Zimmerman and the 46 Calls

Bob Somerby is not pleased:

We live in a culture which runs on fake facts….And one fact is plain above all:

Absolutely nobody cares! Paul Krugman won’t complain about this. Kevin Drum won’t talk about this; neither will E. J. Dionne. And when our best and our brightest won’t mention this problem, this problem will fester and spread.

Hmmm. Should I be happy to be put in the same company as Paul Krugman? Or unhappy to be lumped in with all my fellow slugs who refuse to complain about fake facts?

Maybe both! The truth, of course, is that there are too many fake facts out there for any of us to pay attention to all of them. Krugman, Dionne, and I write about plenty of phony narratives, but plenty of them escape our gimlet eyes too. That’s why it’s a good idea to read lots of different bloggers. We all have our own hobbyhorses, and none of us covers everything. I mean, where has Bob been during the tsunami of liberal misreporting about that McDonald’s budget planner?

Anyway, Bob’s current example of fake facts is all about George Zimmerman and the 46 calls. Click the link for more.