Republicans Once Again Reaping What They’ve Sown

Politico reports on the strained relations between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell:

In recent months, their relationship has broken down over a sheer lack of trust, stemming from McConnell’s suspicion of Reid’s involvement in his 2014 campaign and intensifying as the Nevada Democrat has threatened to change filibuster rules despite McConnell’s furious objections.

McConnell believes Reid is breaching protocol between Senate leaders by getting directly involved in his reelection bid, while Reid thinks McConnell is simply using the spat to bolster his own reelection chances by running against Washington Democrats.

Wow! One party leader is campaigning against another party leader? That’s unprecedented! Or, you know, maybe not. Let’s rewind the wayback machine to 2004 and set the spacetime coordinates for South Dakota. I know we’d never trust the lamestream media to report this correctly, so let’s allow Fox News to do the honors:

Throwing tradition out the window, Majority Leader Bill Frist took the unprecedented step last weekend of openly stumping to unseat his Democratic counterpart Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

….Frist is doing his best to see Daschle go, traveling to South Dakota to stump for Republican John Thune. Frist said he is merely doing his job of trying to build and protect a slim Republican majority. “One vote matters. Policy matters. Elections matter,” Frist said while on the road last Saturday.

I don’t know whether Reid is involved in the campaign against McConnell or not. But if he is, I think we all know exactly where this charming tradition started.