Friday Cat Blogging – 2 August 2013

Remember that great picture of Domino sitting on the front porch silhouetted against our garden a couple of months ago? Well, this is actually one of her favorite spots—mainly because we recently bought a new doormat that’s kind of stiff and bristly, and she loves going out there to roll around and scratch her chin on it. Whenever she does, I grab my camera and take a few pictures, hoping someday to get a shot where she’s actually looking at me instead of away from me. This is surprisingly hard, because when she’s looking in my direction, I normally only get one shot off before she sees the lens and bustles over to demand some human attention.

Anyway, I am nothing if not determined, in a lazy sort of way, and for weeks now I’ve been doing this late in the day when the sun backlights both garden and cat. Finally, a few days ago, I got a decent picture. Just this one. Enjoy.