Friday Cat Blogging – 23 August 2013

Today’s catblogging features one of Marian’s favorites, “Sweetheart Watercolor Quilt #1.” (It’s numbered like a Jackson Pollock painting because there’s also a Sweetheart Watercolor Quilt #2. You’ll see that one later in the year.)

This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted. The quilting, which includes stippling and feathers, was done by the fabulous Janna, our family’s go-to quilter. It’s designed to be a wall hanging or a small lap quilt. But there’s more! According to Marian, “it’s not exactly an I Spy quilt,” but it does feature a duck, a chick, a butterfly, a bunny, and a bird, if you can find them—which you probably can’t since the resolution of this photo is too low. However, if you or a small child of your acquaintance would like to find all the hidden critters, just click here for a larger photo. The answer key is here.