Personal Injury Report Follow-Up

I just got back from a follow-up visit with the orthopedist, and I know you’re all eager for news. Going in, I figured that I’d end up with a cast on my left elbow for sure, but I was hoping that they’d give me a walking boot for my right ankle and not make me wear anything permanent.

But it turns out that the ER guys were more pessimistic than they should have been. There was indeed a tiny bone chip in my ankle, but it’s basically just a low ankle sprain and needs no further treatment at all. I won’t be running any marathons or anything, but I can walk on it all I want. As for my elbow, further investigation suggested that I didn’t fracture it at all. I just aggravated an old injury. It still hurts a bit, and I can’t extend it 100 percent, but it’s basically OK. No cast, no nothing. In fact, the orthopedist said it was rare to put a cast on an adult elbow.

So everything is much better than I had feared. Typing is still a little uncomfortable, but being able to type at all with two hands is a huge improvement. Hell, just being able to reach the Shift key with my left hand is an improvement. Putting capital letters in my posts has been a huge pain in the ass for the past couple of days.

So that’s the news.