Personal Injury Report

So I had an interesting morning. I went out frisbee golfing and I was doing great. I birdied #4 for the first time ever, and then threw a couple of perfect birdies on #5 and #6. What a great start! Then I took a step back to make room for my partner to throw, stepped on a rock, twisted my right ankle, and came crashing down on my left elbow. Seven X-rays later I learned that I had a bone chip in my ankle and a small fracture in my elbow. I can’t use crutches to get around because my left arm is in a splint and a sling, and a wheelchair is no good because my house has steps and stairs all over the place. For now I’m hopping around on one foot with the aid of a cane and typing this blog post one-handed.

I think it’s safe to say that blogging will be a little lighter than usual for a while. On the bright side, at least it’s August, when nothing interesting happens anyway.