“Ted? Oh yeah, immense a*#hole.”

Josh Marshall was at Princeton at the same time as Ted Cruz, but doesn’t remember anything about him. After Cruz won his Senate election last year, he decided to try to refresh his memory:

So I started getting in touch with a lot of old friends and asking whether they remembered Ted. It was an experience really unlike I’ve ever had. Everybody I talked to — men and women, cool kids and nerds, conservative and liberal — started the conversation pretty much the same.

“Ted? Oh yeah, immense a*#hole.” Sometimes “total raging a#%hole.” Sometimes other variations on the theme. But you get the idea. Very common reaction.

In other words, the fact that practically everyone in the Senate already hates his guts is no surprise. “The reaction to Cruz in the senate is simply the reaction Ted’s gotten at least at every stage of his life since he arrived at college in 1988.”

At least.