Republicans Make An Offer Democrats Can Easily Refuse

So here’s the latest brainstorm from the tea party wizards in the House:

Sure, that’ll work. The idea here is to fund a small handful of the most public casualties of the government shutdown as a way of easing public anger over the consequences of Republican hostage taking. Of course Democrats will be eager to help out with this. And they’ll be especially eager to do this because Republicans have made it clear that they’ll refuse to fund anything that Democrats care about:

“We’re going to start picking off those priorities that are important,” said Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.), as lawmakers prepared to vote to reopen the national parks and services for veterans. “The IRS was last on the list. The EPA was right above it.”

Gosh. Why wouldn’t Democrats take Republicans up on a deal like this? They make it sound so attractive.

Just fund the government, guys. Democrats have already agreed to your spending levels. They’re not going to save you from yourselves by giving you anything more.