Friday Cat Blogging – 1 November 2013

Sometimes catblogging is a last-minute affair. Yesterday afternoon I suddenly realized I hadn’t taken this week’s picture, and the light was fading. So I grabbed this week’s quilt, tossed it onto the grass outside, and plonked Domino down on it. She did not cooperate, so I only got a few shots to choose from. This is the best of the lot. The quilt is called Amish Shadow, and it’s machine pieced and hand quilted.

In the end, though, I did come through with catblogging today. Why? Because here at MoJo, we’re all about giving our readers what they want. So why not subscribe to the magazine? It doesn’t feature any catblogging (yet….), but it does feature lots of great reporting six times a year for the low, low price of only $12. And subscriptions make great holiday gifts too! Here are the links to subscribe: