It Doesn’t Matter What Republicans Say About Bridgegate

I gather that the main Republican response to Bridgegate has now been settled. There are two parts to it:

  • Hey, at least Christie came clean with his manly press conference and his decisive firing of Bridget Anne Kelly. That’s more than Obama has ever done.
  • It’s nowhere near as bad as Benghazi or the IRS scandal.

Will this two-pronged counterattack work? It’s obviously pretty puerile, only slightly more sophisticated than your average kindergarten playground comeback, but my guess is that it doesn’t matter. Pretty much any reaction will work if the scandal doesn’t get any worse and no evidence pops up that implicates Christie himself. Conversely, no amount of agit-prop will work if it turns out that Christie knew more about this than he’s letting on. This is a scandal in which the messaging campaign just doesn’t matter. All that matters is what crawls out when more rocks start getting turned over.