Friday Cat Blogging – 25 April 2014

If Vermeer painted cats, perhaps this is what a Vermeer cat would look like. All Domino needs is a pearl earring and a slightly more beguiling expression on her furry mug. Unfortunately, she’s sporting her all-too-common disdain for the stupid black box that I keep pointing in her direction while she’s trying to take a nice, peaceful nap.

And now for one last fundraising pitch. We’re getting close to the $100,000 goal for our investigative reporting fundraiser, and we have a few days left to get there. So how about a wee donation? If you value our reporting—or just want me to leave Domino alone so she can get her beauty rest—please donate $5 to the Mother Jones Investigative Fund. If you can afford it, make it $10. We’ll put it to good use. Here’s how to make a contribution: