Gallup: Uninsurance Rate Plummets in April

Gallup has released its latest poll of the uninsured, and it shows a dramatic drop compared to a month ago. The uninsurance rate among adults now stands at 13.4 percent, a drop of about 4 percentage points from its 2011-12 baseline. This represents roughly 10 million people, and confirms the 4 percent number that Gallup reported a few weeks ago. It’s also starting to close in on the CBO estimate of 13 million newly insured adults by the end of the year.

Add to this the number of children and sub-26ers who are newly insured, and you’re probably up to 12-13 million who are newly insured under Obamacare. Some of this comes from people buying insurance through the exchanges; some comes from Medicaid signups; and some comes from people signing up for insurance at work thanks to the individual mandate.

More and better data will be available over the next few months. But this is yet another indication that after a rocky start, Obamacare is performing pretty well. It’s getting harder and harder to pretend otherwise.