Republicans Who Don’t Actually Vote Favor a Minimum Wage Increase

This is sort of interesting:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Thursday morning said he supports an increase in the minimum wage, breaking with many Republicans who have stood against it….Romney’s comments come after Senate Republicans rejected a vote on a Senate bill that would have increased the minimum wage to $10.10. Recently, though, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, both of whom also ran for the Republican nomination in 2012, said they supported some increase in the minimum wage.

I say “sort of” because it’s no coincidence that none of these folks has to brave the wrath of the tea party to cast a vote on this issue. In the actual existing United States Congress, a grand total of zero House Republicans and one (1) Senate Republican voted to approve a minimum wage increase when a bill was brought forward. You see, it doesn’t do to coddle the moochers and takers, even the ones that work for a living. Pay ’em ten bucks an hour and they’ll have no incentive to better themselves anymore. They’ll just live high on the hog on their Obamaphones and their Obamasteaks. Far better to keep them desperate and cringing.