Ben Carson Takes the Lead in Iowa

Exciting news from Iowa today! A new Quinnipiac poll shows Ben Carson has surged into the lead over Donald Trump:

“It’s Ben Carson’s turn in the spotlight,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

….”Today’s results show his appeal is especially strong among the state’s sizeable white, evangelical Christian community, among whom Carson is receiving 36 percent, twice Trump’s 17 percent,” Brown added.

“Those who know Carson seem to like him. He has an almost unheard of 84 – 10 percent favorability rating among likely Republican Caucus-goers, compared to Trump’s 53 – 43 percent rating. To borrow the line from Madison Avenue, ‘Almost no one doesn’t like Ben Carson.'”

Ben Carson has discovered Donald Trump’s weakness: he’s not quite crazy enough for Iowa Republicans. They want a real lunatic, not someone who might just be putting on an act. Ben Carson is that man.