Let Us Now Shed a Tear For Marco Rubio’s Brutal Treatment at the Hands of the Republican Establishment

I got a fundraising email from Marco Rubio this morning:

Last night, in the latest Republican presidential debate, one of the moderators actually asked me if I should “slow down.” That’s exactly what the establishment has been telling me for years. That I should “wait my turn.”

….P.S. I couldn’t believe it when one of the moderators misled about my tax plan — despite having to correct a story earlier this month where he made the exact same claim!

Poor Marco. Speaker of the Florida House at age 35. US Senator at age 39. Lionized presidential candidate at age 44. He’s really had a rough time with the GOP establishment.

Oh, and John Harwood was precisely correct in his debate question about Rubio’s tax plan. He didn’t mislead anyone. It’s true that a couple of weeks ago Harwood corrected a tweet about Rubio’s tax plan, but he didn’t repeat that mistake last night. His characterization of the Tax Foundation’s analysis of Rubio’s plan was 100 percent accurate. It’s Rubio who seemed either confused or deliberately deceptive about the whole thing.