A Weary Country Waits: Will Joe Run or Won’t He?

Joe Biden speaks:

“I really respect the members up there and I still have a lot of Republican friends. I don’t think my chief enemy is the Republican Party. This is a matter of making things work,” Biden said Tuesday, during an event honoring former Vice President Walter Mondale.

….It was the second such remark Biden made in two days, as the vice president made similar comments at a climate change event on Monday. “I don’t consider Republicans enemies,” Biden said. “They’re friends.”

The tea leaves have been working overtime trying to makes sense of these comments. What does Joe mean? Is this a direct shot at Hillary Clinton, who said in the debate that she was proud of the fact that Republicans were her enemies? Is it just a random Biden gurgle? Or is he only trying to calm things down?

Nobody knows. But judging by the continuing media frenzy, everyone is taking it to mean that Biden is about to throw his hat in the ring. I’m not sure I can stand the excitement.