No Debate Liveblogging Tonight

Sorry. I’m debated out. If anything interesting happens, I’ll write about it afterward. In the meantime, consider this an open debate thread.

POST-DEBATE UPDATE: There’s just not much to say about how it turned out. Hillary Clinton did fine, and she was obviously positioning herself for the general election, not really participating in a Democratic primary debate. Sanders did fine too, and O’Malley reached peak annoyance. It’s time to face reality and hang up your spurs, Martin.

(On a related note, it was interesting that Sanders and Clinton were pretty buddy-buddy during the breaks even after they’d been slagging each other a few minutes before. Neither one of them wanted anything to do with O’Malley, though. He left early too. Apparently no one in the crowd even wanted to shake his hand.)

The dynamics of the race weren’t changed at all. Hillary will win and Sanders will get a healthy chunk of the vote.