Sadly, Rubio-Obama Left-Handed Handshake Is Just Design Laziness, Not Latest Terrorist Fist Jab

Today’s idiotic campaign tiff involves Marco Rubio pretending to be outraged about an image from the Ted Cruz campaign that illustrates their supposed outrage over the fact that “Rubio cast the deciding vote to fast-track three highly secretive trade deals negotiated by Obama and encouraging corrupt, backroom deals.” It shows a photoshopped Rubio shaking hands with a photoshopped Obama.

Yawn. What I want to know is why this illustration shows Rubio and Obama shaking hands left-handed. Weird, no? But it turns out the answer is simple: the campaign used a stock photo for the bodies, but the black guy in the photo was on the left and they wanted Obama to be on the right. So they inverted the image, which made it look like a left-handed handshake.

I’m disappointed. I thought maybe conservatives were under the impression that a left-handed shake was the latest black thing, like a terrorist fist jab or something. Oh well.