Ted Cruz Is New Winner in Richie Rich Tax Contest

Hooray! The Tax Policy Center has analyzed Ted Cruz’s tax plan, which means we now have data for all of the top four Republican candidates: Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Cruz. Click the links for details. Or just look at the charts below for the nickel summary.

Folks, Ted Cruz is killing it. The other guys are touting tax plans that give paltry income gains to the middle class and big income gains to the rich. Cruz gives the usual paltry sop to the middle class, but incomes of the rich would skyrocket 26 percent under his plan. 26 percent! That’s what I call a tax plan.

Trump is still the winner in the budget-busting contest, but Cruz is close. His plan would increase the deficit $8.6 trillion over ten years. Overall, I have to say that Cruz is bringing his A game. If you calculate his Richie Rich Index™—percentage deficit increase plus percentage income increase for the rich—Cruz clocks in with a score of 87.4, beating out Trump by a hair. Congratulations, Ted.