Trump Foreign Policy Dream Team Set To Be Announced

Two weeks ago, Donald Trump said he’d announce his foreign policy team in two weeks. “We have a great team of people,” he promised. One week ago, he said the announcement was a week away. “[It’s] a team that is recommended highly by me and to me … and a team that I’ve both seen and read about both in papers and seen on your show and other people,” he teased in a town hall with Joe Scarborough.

Well, my tickler file says today’s the day, and Trump is not a guy to embellish things. If he says a week, he means a week. Unlike the unaccountable government slugocracy run by our current crop of losers, that’s how things work in the no-excuses business world.

So that’s that. The greatest foreign policy team ever—not that Trump needs advice, of course—should be announced within hours. Are your toes tingling yet?