Stanley Kubrick Urban Legend Bleg

What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t help out a friend once in a while? So let’s see if anyone can answer this little trivia question about 2001: A Space Odyssey:

I’m trying to verify a story about a piece of direction that Stanley Kubrick gave Keir Dullea (who played Dave Bowman) for the scene where Bowman is getting his dinner on board Discovery. As Bowman pulls the little trays of food from the ship’s automated kitchen, it’s obvious that the containers are hot and that he’s trying not to burn his fingers.

The story is that Kubrick’s instructions stemmed from his being unhappy for some reason with General Mills, whose logo is prominently displayed on the automated kitchen. Kubrick was getting back at General Mills by showing that something was not quite right with their technology.

Has anybody heard this story? If so, where? I have been searching the web, watching YouTube videos of the actors discussing the film, viewing the special features on the Blu-ray discs, paging through my books, and can’t find any reference to it.

Has anyone else heard this story?