What *Did* Donald Trump Mean by “No PP”?

As you’ll recall, after forgetting what “TPP” meant in a speech last night, Donald Trump smirked and made a little joke to his audience: What you mean is, “No PP.” Or, perhaps, “no pee pee.” But what did he mean? Readers have offered three suggestions:

  1. It’s some kind of reference to the trans bathroom controversy.
  2. It’s some kind of cryptic reference to his penis size and capabilities.
  3. It’s an obnoxious and juvenile reference to a conservative joke that Hillary Clinton is incontinent.

#1 seems unlikely to me. I just don’t see it. #2 is not out of the question. We certainly know that Donald is puerile enough to think this would be funny. But it seems a little too obscure for the situation. That leaves #3, which is a cretinous “joke” that refers to a photoshopped picture circulated on Facebook by the fever swamp right a few weeks ago. It’s quite possible that Donald recently saw it and thought it was so hilarious he just had to share. After all, we already know that Trump finds the mere thought of Hillary Clinton taking a bathroom break during a debate “disgusting.”

Anyway, that’s that. It’s my best guess until someone asks him about this.

POSTSCRIPT: Another possibility: it was short for “No Planned Parenthood.” That doesn’t seem likely to me, but really, with Donald who the hell knows?