It’s the End of August and Hillary Clinton’s Lead Remains Clear and Steady

Is the presidential race tightening up? Let’s take a look. Here’s Pollster:

No tightening evident here. Here’s Sam Wang:

No tightening here either. If anything, Clinton has improved her position. Here’s Real Clear Politics:

Some slight tightening here since early August, when the convention bumps settled down. Maybe a point or so. Here’s Nate Cohn:

No tightening here. Here’s 538:

This is a percentage chance of victory, not a projection of vote share. Clinton has dropped a few points since early August.

Bottom line: Since early August, there’s either been no tightening in the polls, or, at most, maybe a point or so. Hillary Clinton is ahead by 6-8 points in the national polls, and so far that’s staying pretty steady.