Trump to Meet With President of Mexico on Wednesday

File this one under “Huh?”:

Seriously? It’s not that I think Trump would ever make up something like this, but….

Well, OK then. This should go well, don’t you think? Sort of like this:

DJT: So you’ll pay for the wall, right?
EPN: No.
DJT: How about just the half that faces Mexico?
EPN: No.
DJT: You’re a tough cookie. OK, then, I’ll get Deutsche Bank to finance the wall, and Mexico will join the loan syndication. You’ll make out like banditos. I mean bandits.
EPN: No.
DJT: Hmmm. What if I throw in a free stay at the Trump National golf club?
EPN: No.
DJT: I’ve met my match. You’re the toughest negotiator I’ve ever faced off with. I’ve always said I admired the Mexican people. Let’s go have a taco bowl.

It’ll be great. Just Donald and and Peña Nieto in a quiet, private meeting. We’ll finally find out what happens when someone who’s not a moron negotiates for the United States.