Friday Cat Blogging – 16 September 2016

In today’s news—actually a couple of weeks ago, but who’s counting?—a heroic Swiss cat has been credited with guiding a lost and injured Hungarian hiker out of the Alps back to the village of Gimmelwald. We don’t get many chances to fight back against the oppressive media narrative of heroic dogs saving babies, running into burning houses, bringing help when Susie falls into a well, etc., so we have to take our chances when they come.

Here on the home front, I have another picture from last week’s foray into the great outdoors. You’ve seen Hilbert in the backyard, so now it’s Hopper’s turn. She’s obviously fixated on something, but there’s no telling what. She is positively overwhelmed when she goes outside. So many sounds and sights and, especially, smells! It’s a kitty paradise.