Please Explain a $795 Polo Shirt to Me

In the middle of a story about Teresa May’s scandalous $1,250 leather trousers,1we get this:

President-elect Donald J. Trump had been able to fashion himself as a working-class hero despite his luxurious Brioni suits, which can cost as much as $17,000. Mrs. May’s predecessor, David Cameron, who….

Yikes! A $17,000 suit? Fine: I’m a yokel who doesn’t get clothes. But if you told me that Trump drove a $500,000 car, I probably wouldn’t blink. Still, I was curious, so I hopped over to the Brioni website. It turns out you can buy this gray continental three-piece suit for $5,250. Or you can buy this seemingly identical pinstripe version for $6,900. Someone help me out. Why do pinstripes cost $1,650?

But there’s more! Even if I don’t really get it, I sort of understand how a suit from a famous Italian designer can cost a fortune. But Brioni also sells other, more pedestrian stuff, like this burgundy polo shirt—for $795. I wonder if Trump owns any of these? And even in theory, what can you do to a polo shirt to make it worth $795?

For what it’s worth, if you want to Dress Like Trump™, the cheapest thing you can buy from Brioni is a baby-blue tie with an embroidered B on it. It’s only $230.

1Seriously. It’s called Trousergate.