Show Us the Transcripts!

The intelligence community has transcripts of Michael Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador. Will someone please leak them? Surely we all deserve to know just what Flynn “inadvertently” failed to mention to Mike Pence and Reince Priebus? And please don’t try to pretend that releasing Flynn’s conversation would harm national security. It would embarrass the Trump administration, and that’s it.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s former deputy for communications at the State Department, Philippe Reines, had this to say to Flynn:1

Hillary Clinton herself is on board:

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career having to be buttoned up. I would love it if she’d loosen up and do a bit more tweeting like this. After all, both Reines and Clinton have more than enough reason to hate Flynn’s guts. Details here if you’ve forgotten.

1In case you don’t get the reference, Flynn’s son was a big proponent of Pizzagate, the bizarre claim that Hillary Clinton and her pals ran a child sex-trafficking ring from the basement of the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop. This eventually led to a North Carolina man entering the shop and pointing a gun at an employee. He later started shooting, and after he was captured he told police he was “self investigating” the conspiracy theory.

Michael Flynn Sr. didn’t traffic in Pizzagate, but he did pass along quite a few other weird conspiracy theories.