Donald Trump Is Always Right: A List

Publicity photo for "The Gong Show," 1976

As a public service, here are all the things Donald Trump has been right about:

  1. Sweden
  2. Anthony Weiner
  3. NATO not focusing on terrorism
  4. Brexit
  5. Election being rigged against Bernie Sanders
  6. Obama “wiretapping” him
  7. Three million illegal votes
  8. Thousands of Muslims celebrating on 9/11
  9. Beating Hillary Clinton
  10. Donna Brazile
  11. Ted Cruz’s father1
  12. British spying1
  13. NATO not paying its bills
  14. Jobs statistics

Not bad, Mr. President! Maybe you could whisper in my ear who the next Super Bowl champ is going to be. I promise not to tell anyone.

1Special Trump exemption: It doesn’t matter if he was right because he was just quoting other people.