Donald Trump’s Job Approval Has Been Sinking All Month

I haven’t checked in on Donald Trump’s job approval rating for quite a while. Let’s do that:

Trump’s job approval rating dropped throughout March, thanks to his “wiretapping” claim and the failure of Trumpcare 1.0. He recovered in April, but has been dropping again since the beginning of May.

I’m not sure what’s at the root of this, but an unsmoothed look at the data confirms that there was a sharp change right around the beginning of May in both favorability rating and job approval rating. Was it the second go-around of Trumpcare? Bad publicity surrounding the end of Trump’s first 100 days? The budget agreement in which Trump got pretty much nothing he wanted?

None of those really seem likely, but I can’t think of anything else that happened at the end of April to cause a sudden drop. That is, I can’t think of anything other than, you know, everything.