Trump Can’t Believe People Take Him So Seriously

From Glenn Thrush:

I assume this comes from Sean Spicer, since I don’t think Trump knows the meaning of the word “parses.” In any case, this would make perfect sense. Trump should run his White House solely via outbound media (tweets, press releases, readouts, YouTube videos, etc.) and the occasional interview with big-name TV interviewers who are careful not to embarrass him too much.

Anyway, this whole thing should— Wait. There’s more?

Oh FFS. I guess it’s time to storm Grassley’s office and ask him what he meant by this. The Senate investigation is a charade? The FBI investigation is a charade? The whole Russia thing is a nothingburger, but “hoax” is the only word Grassley could come up with?

Beats me. Isn’t it time for Trump to flee to New Jersey and play some secret golf?