Trump Kills Meaningless Program, Keeps DACA “Mini-DREAM” Act in Place

Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via ZUMA

The Trump administration has revoked DAPA, an Obama immigration program that never went into effect. At the same time, Trump is keeping in place DACA, the “mini-DREAM” act that protects young immigrants. In other words, Trump is killing a program that was already dead, and keeping a program that’s actually effective and has prevented thousands of potential deportations. So what do Trump’s fans think of this?

For the most part, they seem to be playing ball, praising him for the meaningless cancellation of DAPA. Even Mickey Kaus and Ann Coulter have ignored Trump’s broken promise on DACA. But not everyone is buying the spin. Here is Allahpundit at Hot Air:

Trump had a lot of options when he took office on how to handle that — he could have rescinded DACA entirely, as he promised to do last year; he could have kept the current permits in place but phased out the program by making those permits non-renewable; he could have maintained the program while closing it to new enrollees. Or he could have gone full Obama by keeping everything in place. The program stays open, current permits are renewable, new enrollees are welcome.

He went full Obama.

Ouch. The full Obama. That’s gotta sting. But as long as everyone else keeps up a brave face and pretends that Trump has struck a mighty blow for the anti-immigration cause, he should be OK.