Chart of the Day: Everyone Now Agrees That Trump Is an Idiot

Here’s a fascinating chart from Patrick Egan:

Everyone seems to have figured out that Trump is a moron, and they’re not too thrilled by his nonexistent leadership skills either. But how is it that he’s lost only a few points on honesty? He lied about his inauguration turnout. He lied about Obama wiretapping him. He lied about 3 (or 5) million votes from illegal immigrants causing him to lose the popular vote. He lied about London’s mayor because of a petty grudge. He lied (repeatedly) about saving money on an order for F-35 jets. Hell, the New York Times has a comprehensive list of hundreds of lies here.

Maybe he started from such a low base that he didn’t have very far he could fall? Ha ha. I’m just kidding. We all know the answer: Fox News. Anyone who watches Fox thinks all these things that Trump said are true. It must be nice being president in a country with a loyal state media. Just ask Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi.