Friday Kitten Blogging – 4 August 2017

Hilbert and Hopper are taking the week off. Maybe a few weeks off. You never know!

This is Mika, Professor M’s new Siberian kitten. Mika is not named after the better half of Morning Joe. Prof M’s other cat is named Mocha, and Mrs. M liked the idea of naming the new cat after the Hebrew prayer “Mi Chamocha,” which you can listen to here. So now they have Mika and Mocha.

Also, Mika is male, because everyone likes transgressing gender stereotypes, right? Anyway, isn’t he cute? He’s been happily exploring his new house, and Mocha seems fine with the whole thing. She’s already started playing with her miniature new friend, but when the playing stops, it’s time for a nap. And what better place for that than Prof M’s desk?