A Few Red States Lose Under Graham-Cassidy, But Not Many

Axios reports on winners and losers under the Graham-Cassidy health care bill:

A new estimate obtained by Axios from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) projects that Alaska, home to key swing vote Sen. Lisa Murkowski, would lose 38% of federal funding for premium subsidies and Medicaid by 2026 under the Graham-Cassidy proposal. John McCain’s home state of Arizona would also lose funding (-9% in 2026).

This is hardly a surprise. Since Graham-Cassidy cuts health care funding overall, it was always going to be hard to prevent at least some red states from losing funding too. What’s actually impressive about the bill is how good a job they did of keeping the cuts mostly restricted to blue states. Here are the top ten winners and losers:

There are a few red state losers in the complete list, but not many. Among the big losers, only about half a dozen are red states. And the reddest of red states are all huge winners. Maybe they created the formula using the same computer that Republicans use to gerrymander themselves.