Lunchtime Photo

This is a lovely little gem of a waterfall on a creek a few miles north of Caherdaniel. I’m almost reluctant to post this picture because the colors are so vivid it looks like it’s a Disney cartoon or something. But it’s not a Photoshop hack job. As you all know, this is not because I’m above such crude trickery. It just wasn’t necessary. This is what it looked like almost straight out of the camera.

“Almost” because these pictures are really hard to take in daylight. To get the velvety water effect, you need an exposure time of about eight seconds. This lets so much light into the camera that it’s nearly impossible to expose properly. Even with my smallest f-stop, lowest ISO setting, and a 64x neutral density filter, it was still overexposed. So I had to go into Photoshop to correct that. But that was all.