Lunchtime Photo

I feel like I need to put up a really London-esque picture today to fully capture our change of venue. But I have surprisingly little to choose from. Saturday was spent at Hampton Court Palace. Sunday was a bus tour. Monday was a short boat trip and then some piddling around in Kensington, where we’re staying.

So how about the Tower Bridge? That screams London. This picture is a poor attempt at massive, manual, HDR, aka “High Dynamic Range.” Basically, HDR is useful when you have one subject (the bridge) that requires a certain exposure and another subject (the sky) that requires a very different exposure. My camera’s built-in HDR was nowhere near up to this task, so I made two shots at very different settings and then merged them manually.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod with me, so the two photos aren’t identical. Even after my best merging attempts, not everything registered properly In particular, the buildings on the bottom right were misaligned, so you can see remnants of the sky photo behind the bridge photo. Other dark bits are also visible throughout the image.

Still, not too bad! We’re in London.